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Equipment for production of a metal tile
  • Equipment for production of a metal tile

Equipment for production of a metal tile

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

For production of a metal tile, our plant started the wide model range of the equipment working with success in many cities of Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia in a mass production. All lines for production of a metal tile differ in geometry of the made profile and depth of stamping of steps

Razmatyvatel of a roll is intended for unwinding and supply of metal in the rolling mill. Razmatyvatel can be delivered in two modifications - two-basic and console. A difference - in convenience of loading of a roll of metal: for a two-basic razmatyvatel it is required to insert the coil into a roll and together with a roll to put it on support. For console - a razmatyvatel a metal roll the crane beam moves in the coil of a razmatyvatel. Razmotyvateli are completed with a separate control system and control of a loop of metal.

The rolling mill - the equipment for formation by method of cold profiling of a profile with the set geometry from a smooth metal leaf. In production of a metal tile it is very important to observe the accuracy of the geometrical sizes of a profile. Quality of stamping and, as a result, installation will depend on it. On a frame of the rolling mill are established entering the device with scissors stamping a press, a guillotine.

The stamping press is intended for stamping of steps of a metal tile in the course of rolling of a corrugated sheet. Quality of production of a stamp and all design of a press exert a great influence on the clearness of stamping of steps and a further stykovaniye of ready sheets on a roof. Stamp drive hydraulic. The hydraulic actuator is completed with hydrostation which is established near the rolling mill.

The hydraulic guillotine - serves for cutting of finished goods. On a knife beam knives which form repeats a tile profile are established. Quality of the cabin of a ready profile depends on quality of production of scissors and, in particular, knives.

The reception table - is intended for simplification of laying of finished goods in packs. Our enterprise makes two models of such devices - live rolls for manual warehousing and the automatic piler. At accurate manual warehousing of a metal tile in packs, integrity of a polymeric covering is provided. At an automatic way of warehousing of packs damage of a surface of a metal tile owing to falling on the lower leaf of finished goods is possible.

The system of automatic control - is intended for coordination of work of all knots of the line. The system provides: calculation of length of a profile when rolling, launch of scissors of a guillotine for cutting, stamping of steps with a certain step, and also change of a step of stamping, control of emergency situations. Management of system is made by means of the panel where length and the number of sheets of a tile is set. The system operates the servo-driver which provides smoothness and accuracy of work of all equipment.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 19.02.2018

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